Vendors & Artists

No event is complete without Vendors & Artists. They're the biggest non-entertainment draw of a convention!

Our Vendor's room for Snake River Horror & Pop Con is over 10,000 sq ft of the best wares, 2D art, 3D printed items, costumes, masks, makeup, cosplay accessories, figures, comics, POP! Vinyl figures, home decor, collectibles and everything else you could ever imagine.


Snake River Horror & Pop Con is run by vendors. We know the struggles of being a vendor and having a profitable show.

Our 10,000 sq ft venue has Artist Tables, 10'x6' Booths & 10'x10' Booths booths . We offer both Corner and In-Line Locations

Booth Pricing

Artist Table: $150
In-Line 10' x 6' Booth: $200
Corner 10' x 6' Booth: $250
In-Line 10' x 10' Booth: $250
Corner 10' x 10' Booth: $300

Each booth comes with a 6' table and 2 chairs. Pipe & Drape is available to be rented from the venue. Please contact for additional information.

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Vendor & Artist Spaces


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